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Now Friends Only

I don't check livejournal as often these days you'd be best checking my tumblr

as of 02/07/05 this journal is now friends only X3 I'm way too lazy to go and change all my old entries to friends only though.

if you'd like to be added then say so here
Edited as of 10/10/08

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Kouki - are you hot XD

=O public entry alert

I've decided this is where i'll put all my icons, colorbars, wallpapers and whatever else I make for all to use. My playlist for trades and whatnot will be posted too

coming soon
12012 icons
D'espairs Ray icons
Miyavi icons?
More Kagerou :D
more Gazette?
One Piece icons
Original Character icons XD
more wallpapers
more fanart :D


-Don't claim them as your own
-Credit me *doesn't apply for colourbars*
-if you use any wallpapers on your site or LJ credit me somewhere
-if you're requesting/trading anything be reasonable and try not to request for more than 3 things
-save them in your own space/website
-DO NOT STEAL MY ART!!!! You can use it on your site or whatever with credit given to Daiton or Candydive JUST DON'T STEAL. Filthy cowardly art thieves who feed on others hard work disgust me more than anything online.

pic Credits

-Visual Attraction
-Visual Dimension
-urami koto
-tattered cloth
-Various LJ users *sorry forgot names D:*
-Shoxx bis no.4
-Dir en Greys uncensored Obscure PV


Currently all J-rock but I do fancy doing some for my fav anime and manga series and my ocs just for the hell of it.

Teasers: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mostly caption and humour icons. If you have a pic you'd like as a caption icon then let me see it and i'll try come up with summat XD. To me the sign of a true fan is when they can openly take the piss outta their fandom.
Most of them are sucky but whatever. I added my thoughts and what made the captions on each one. So yay you get a good look at my odd sometimes WTF sense of humour.

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PLAYLIST-to be added

COLOURBARS-to be added

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I will add my name on the actual image of the J-rocker if I see it somewhere else under some1 elses name. I don't like to add signatures and whatnot to my art it kinda spoils it sometimes.
Because I like to draw my fav J-rockers :D
fanart requests for anyone in the following bands are open
-dir en grey
-err sure Pierrot too cos i've never drawn them
-Daisuke of Kagerou

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And remember children Kyo loves you especially with sweet curry and liver.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Kouki - are you hot XD

woot my journal has a layout

*spazzes* adshvdsfdgb How fuckin awesome does it look. You must all go help me kidnap Kyo for tetura to say thanx for making it.

She said she doesn't like it but what's not to like?! SHOXX BIS 4 RUKI IN 'A NIGHT AT THE GOTH' STYLE! SEX FOR THE EYES.

Daisuke icon is gone now for a while D: cos he doesn't fit with the obsessive Gazette theme XD.

And now just making my friends only banner. I have such a perfect dorky Gazette pic.

all the words used are lyrics from

maximum impulse
Best Friends
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Kouki - are you hot XD

Jrock horror movie =O

this is also on my DA and its bigger :0
for deviant version

I was watching some shit horror movie on TV XD and I always think when watching them. Why do the characters do the things that you just WOULDN'T do. Like wow its dark down there and there's some creepy noises lets go check it out and die. Or I think i'll ask who it is in the room with me giving away my position and yeah i'll die. Or wow there's a trail of blood lets follow it AND DIE. XD it's just stupid

So I did my own J-rock horror spoof thing just sketchy and crap but whateva.

Anywayz the following appear-

random dir en grey minus Kaoru cos I forgot what he looked like XD;
Kakokei shinjitsu Daisuke-Kagerou
random Gackt
Yuuyami suicide Kirito*who is hard to draw DX*
Miyavi in sherlock holmes gear who wore one time XD*I cannot draw meev*
random Mana *i've never drawn Mana*
no [666] pv Ruki-Gazette
no [666] Reita-Gazette

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Kouki - are you hot XD


sfjghbdahgf HOLY HELL!
How hot does Ruki look in the Shoxx bis 4 issue @_______@ Fuck Gackt XD he's had his time. Actually he looks ugly lately.

I don't think i've ever seen him looking so beautiful. I mean he is a very beautiful guy XD but Holy Crap he was absolutely gorgeous in those photoshoots. He's one of the few J-rockers who can actually make white blonde hair look good.

OK I need that mag now and I'm now a totally official obsessive fan of his XD; And I need at least 1 icon of him in 1 of those photoshoots. The night at the goth series was HAWT.

Anywayz for those not familiar with Ruki or gazette they can go to
the official site
that plays part of their last song Reila X)or they can go to Satan Bitchies especially
this page

Now c'mon you can't say he's not hot. Gazette are such a pretty photographic band X33 I love their outfits and music and wish ppl would stop calling Ruki a Kyo clone. Yes he does reflect Kyo at times but Ruki is prettier end of. Even without makeup he's really pretty. I gotta admit Kyo is fucking ugly at times*cough* saku *cough* and looks pretty rough without the makeup. And I'm fed up of Dir En Grey (yeah talkin to you tetura XD) fans disliking him for that reason and calling him a badly disguised Kyo or Kyo with a bad voice. Listen carefully and you'll hear they don't sound alike at all. I think in terms of voice Daisuke from kagerou and Kyo have more in common than Ruki n Kyo :/

I do love Kyo a lot but hating somebody else or diskliking them just because they look like one of your favourite vocalists or wear similar clothes and hairstyles at times is stupid ¬¬. Look at Aoi he looks/used to look like a Miyavi wannabe but is one of the most popular members of Gazette. So yeah I really wish people wouldn't judge Ruki and compare him with Kyo so quickly.

I hope Reita gets his own photoshoot next. Damn he is hot and for once a J-rocker who looks like a man and a damn sexy one at that. Plus that nose bandage thing makes him stand out against the majority of other bands and their members.

Yes I am obsessed XD post fanarts after i've cleaned them up and made them look decent.
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Kouki - are you hot XD


Damn you poonyo you always show me such freakin cool hilarious comics and today is no exception.

Sorry blitzballbaby I didn't IM you cos I was busy reading it D:

Anywayz been reading this awesome guilty Gear sprite comic that some of you*esp if you're a fan of the game* may have read. OMFG it is hilarious. It totally caters for my weird dumb retarded sense of humour XD. Sol is such a retard it's great and the first panel Anji and Chipp appear in is just awesome.

Here's some of my fav panels X)

all my gears
this like rips the typical American soap opera with some movie moments thrown in. It is <33 and should convince you to read the comic from the beginning XO

Two weeks notice part 2
If you're a venom x Zato fan like me you will LOVE this XD. If not you need to die XO jk

movie teaser lord of the rings
ahaha I only feature this strip because of faust X)

Anywayz ya go read it XD. I hope GG Isuka comes out here soon ;-; or well I really need to check my game store see if it is XD.

and YES new trinity blood ep out bout bloody time >O

ps. I couldn't scan Ruki tonight or upload any pvs/mp3s for ppl cos I was too busy with boring art project stuff D:
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Kouki - are you hot XD

update-DA, art thief, gazette, DEG and college XD

minor rant: afdsgdffsh FS I hate those people on DA who autofav every pic you do and never comment ¬__¬
Dzertva has 19 faves which is cool but no it's not because only 8 ppl bothered to comment. I prefer comments. Also I hope DA gets that stupid thing fixed soon. You know the thing where you can't see your submitted pic on your page or anything till the next day ¬_¬ and for fuck sake stop with the naked photo's. They suck XO and they're nearly all freakin women.

Oh yay I had my art stolen funambulus informed me. Stupid whore of a thief stole my threads of fate and had the nerve to say Hiyako was her and her sisters and he was............an ELF!!!!! If I ever catch her she will die a horrible death. What with this and the recent accusations on DA why of all my charas is it him. My most beloved special muse and inspirational character. She stole a load of art from go-gaia artists which is dumb as hell because none of our styles look alike. The stolen pics have been taken care of now but me and blitzballbaby wanted to give her a good royal roasting.

Rant over:
Today I drew Ruki :D he's harder than he looks D:
I gotta scan it like tomorrow or summat. I wanna draw a puppy ruki based on what he said in the 100 questions thing at satan bitchies. That was so freakin cute X333 go read now XO its fun XD. I started a gazette comicstrip too XD its hard to explain but its mostly about Reita and his nose bandage and being out in public. Oh wow not too hard to explain.

I might not be drawing much or on the comp much these next 2 weeks cos holy hell so behind on my art project D: I need to work really hard and i've only got like 2 weeks or i'll fail so yeah I hope I don't.

My Kyo wristband came today \o/ its so comfy X) looks kinda cheap but I never bought it so yeah XD. Now I gotta send the pic off as payment to the lovely person who bought it me.

I'm getting excited about seeing dir en grey X) oh yeah I don't think I told you XD I can go to paris, woot as long as I pay for it all n stuff. No probs so far. Well 1 prob I'm not into them at the moment DDD: *curses Gazette and their prettyness...and their music...and pvs...and that live DVD I want*

Finally WHERE THE HELL HAS THE NEXT EP OF TRINITY BLOOD GONE I wanna watch it ;-; and yeah I really need a gazette icon D:

and I'll leave you with the most adorable pic ever XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

adfbgdg must not think yaoi thoughts must not think yaoi thoughts must not think yaoi thoughts.

Though Ruki x Reita would be a truly beautiful couple XDD....even though I want them both >_>
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Kouki - are you hot XD

(no subject)

Felt like total crap today DX I woke up aching all over and for some reason my jaw was like. I dunno like i'd been punched or summat it just hurt to move my mouth or eat DX. Luckily its gone now.

today was boring went in college to find my project is crap and I'm gonna fail if I don't put up an exhibition tomorrow @__@ I think i'll fail anyway but might as well try.

Been reading Gazette translations and lookin at pics at satan bitchies mostly today. OOh I love them all more now especially Reita and Ruki X). And Kai he seems really weird XD but funny too. He should smile more DD:
Reita dvbjsf can that guy get any more hotter XD. I would go as far to say he's hotter than Gackt X) *because i'm not a big Gackt fan XD;*

scanned in my chara Deity here he is : D he's mostly based on Ruki and Kyo with a bit of Daisuke added in too
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